Foot for Thought Or: Kicking Meat

Artwork by Daniel Rubio.
It’s hard enough being a vegan, and while San Antonio has proven to be more dietarily accommodating in recent years, the struggle remains ever more real for athletes – particularly those of the footballing variety. The inconvenience of enlightenment could not be felt more by current Scorpions F.C. and former Deportivo Saprissa and Costa Rica national player César Elizondo. We met with him after a training session last month where he shared his perspective, “I would love to be vegan, but actually right now it’s tough for me. Sometimes I don’t have the facility. When I’m here in San Antonio, I’m vegan.” Unfamiliar maps and a strict professional schedule prevent the attacking midfielder from rolling his gastronomic preferences over to away days, but that doesn’t stop the 2014 NASL titleist from championing the ways of animal-free living any less. Inspired by another top prize-winner, Elizondo looked to Ironman Brendan Brazier to guide him. This, along with documentaries and a Franciscan sense of Christian ethics, led him to be the outspoken proponent of veganism he is today.

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Interview with César Elizondo conducted on 08-12-2015.

Edited 09-30-2015.


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