H(2)Ouston, You Have a Problem

The machine uprising has begun with sprinklers. Photo by Daniel Rubio.
Things might have been going a little too well for Houston Dynamo Saturday… Up two nil against LA Galaxy at halftime, the Bayou Boys returned to the pitch dripping with confidence – and something else.

Field sprinklers on the opposing end shut off accordingly, but the home side’s pumps sprayed on. The crowd reveled in the unplanned deviation as Dynamo players hopelessly stepped on the irrigators. Along the sidelines, a groundskeeper jutted around to the northwest corner where he fiddled furiously with an in-ground switch. Instead of decrying however, the home crowd cheered the poor fellow on. The flow eventually stopped after about five minutes, but the real hero remains anonymous. Was this an artistic act of support as Dynamo made it rain goals? Was it a slippery measure to fell Steven Gerard? Or was it an aqueous barb at an adversary from an ever-evaporating land?

“Forget it, Jake. It’s H-Town.”


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