Blue and Gold

Artwork by Daniel Rubio.
Imagine a party at your house. Got it? Ok. Now, imagine NOT being invited to that party. Sound familiar? Well, it should if you’re a U.S. Soccer supporter. The Yanks shat what everyone and their mom expected to be a sure Gold Cup semifinal win against Jamaica yesterday and will consequently miss the party in their own freaking house.

But it’s not all bad. Team U.S.A. has a chance to save face by finally earning that group stage W against Panama in the third place match this Saturday. Not all bad part 2: P&O is teaming up with Blue Box bar at the historic Pearl Brewery in central San Antonio, TX to host the Jamaica vs Mexico final watch party at 06:00 pm the next day. We’re gonna stay neutral on this one though, kinda like the guy at the party who chills in the corner because he’s just too cool to mingle. And just like that same cool guy who probably took beer, we’re offering up some gifts of our own. We’ll be raffling off bar prizes and U.S. Soccer merch donated by Soccer Guru. All money from tickets sales will go to Child Advocates San Antonio(CASA). Let me break it down for you like Giles Barnes broke down the U.S.’s backline.

What: Gold Cup final watch party

When: 06:00 pm CT Sunday 26 July

Where: Blue Box, 312 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78215


So roll outta’ bed, pause the sad jams playlist, and join us for some cathartic cocktails as we watch our opponents beat each other up! 🍻


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